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Happy New month Hughes

And to celebrate the new month... (and the month of my birthday) I shall share an extremely miniature (one:three ratio) version of a Hughes banner that I made! I cried making this banner, The cemetary scene with Elysia asking Her mother "Why are they burying daddy!?" keeps playing over and over in my head! T_T I Just can't help but to cry. Im super tired! Well I hope you enjoy my awesome banner... thing!
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It's cool that you made use of the pics I sent you to make it, finally! XD
I feel so proud of you! (It's too bad that you couldn't have a bigger one. ;-; )
All in all, good job-o! *The banner ish to pasted on my userinfo! Ni!*
I will <3 it forever. The banner is love! *Glomps you to the max!*
Cute, I put it in meh info (and changed the info a bit, make it sound more appealing).