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brothers T_T

I've been looking for the lyrics to Brothers... in english... i swear that the language sung in that song is something different than japanese... and i really want to find out what it's saying... (it's so pretty) I just watched seven (HOT movie) Sloth was all like >o< blarrrghh!!! (he was my favorite!) I shall post later with lyrics for brother! (I HEART YOUR BANNERS KAT!)
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Aww, thank j00!
Send me the pictures you have and I'll make j00rs BETTER *twitch*
OK, sorry, being an idiot again ^^
I loves ya Phoebe Phish Amaru ^^
I don't want it better!... i made the smaller banner crappy so that other people wouldn't take it and besides people shouldn't mess with other people's art work, cause then it's not theirs any more, and the person who messes with it gets all the gold (it's just not fair) and yeah I do feel like you're trying to upstage me ( guess im just jealous becuase of your last post *19 comments*X.X)
Alright, alright, sorry. I was still gonna give you the credit ;-;
Eh, sorry, but once j00 did it, it perked meh interest.
Meh 19 comments pretty much came from someone spazzing about someone else's icon, so it wasn't that great xD
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