Katharina (anime_gir) wrote in remember_hughes,


Welcome to the Remember Hughes Community, for those people that miss Hughes but aren't obbsessive fan girls that want to kill his wife and kid and have him all to their self.
We are ones that mourn Hughes but still celebrate the small ammount of screen caps, tribute videos, and action figures we can get our hands on. In this community we share anything Hughes.
If you found a great gallery of Hughes pictures, or found a wonderful tribute video that people would love, then post the URL, put up the picture, or brag about it and make us find it fo ourselfs (I do not reccommend the last option).
I hope you enjoy this community. I also accept postings of icons, or colorschemes. If anyone wants to contirbute an over ride, I am more then happy to display it.

~~The Owner of Remember Hughes
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