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Welcome to the city Neisenma, a multi-fandom based roleplay that's only recently been created. Still fresh for new members, we're hoping to promote and advertise enough to gather a few more participants before things can get started.

It takes place in Neisenma, a fictional metropolis that is surrounded by five separate districts - Home, Midgar, Dierentiun, Jade and Rukongai. Members familiar with certain fandoms will find themselves attracted to certain characters and certain areas, depending.

It's year 20xx, and people have been arriving in Neisenma just as frequent as ever. Without a reason for their being, individuals simply accept the fact they have arrived, and gradually come to believe they've lived there their entire lives. Old acquaintances may be found, new may be made, and drama is sure to spark.

One thing is for certain: Don't trust the unknown. It will come to haunt you

FMA characters are open with the exception of Ed, Pride (BBI version), Al, and Riza. Please come help us out!
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First Post.... with Fanfiction

So... Maes Hughes is here very indirectly... the fic focuses on an older Elysia. I know this idea has been used at least once before (much to my dismay), but I was not very pleased with the only one that I found... so I wrote anyway.

And I'm an idiot who can't use a cut to save her life -_-;

Eyes On Me, Daddy

By_ Delena/Aneled Hupp

Rating_ K (G)

Genre_ Drama/Angst

Summary_ “I just want to be like daddy,” she had responded, “The way I remember him.”

Legalities_ All characters mentioned in this fic are property of Arakawa Hiromu, I claim no rights whatsoever.

Mission Statistic Warnings_ Spoilers for episode 25 and manga chapter 15, sadness

Mission Status Report_ One-shot

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Okay, so... Not to make this a long post and such, but me and my friend anime_gir have created a new community. It's called hagane_no_rolep (Yes we liked putting it as rolep because it's cracky :3) and it is yaoi friendly and, yes, crack friendly. So if you want to join, just follow the instructions on the userinfo page and you should be able to get in. You can have up to two characters so far. <3 However, my fellow mod has claimed Scar and Sloth and I have Kimblee and Barry, so any others besides those are free.~ Just remember: Follow the rules and always have fun! :D

Edit: Cross-posted like a h0r
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brothers T_T

I've been looking for the lyrics to Brothers... in english... i swear that the language sung in that song is something different than japanese... and i really want to find out what it's saying... (it's so pretty) I just watched seven (HOT movie) Sloth was all like >o< blarrrghh!!! (he was my favorite!) I shall post later with lyrics for brother! (I HEART YOUR BANNERS KAT!)
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I'm not trying to up stage Amaru or anything, but I made a tool bar just saying Hughes Does Rawkith. I hope everyone likes it ^^ And Amaru, if you want me to fix your toolbar (please don't take this harshly, but you said it was too small!) then send me the pictures and I'll re-make it!

Hughes Does Rawkith ToolbarCollapse )
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Happy New month Hughes

And to celebrate the new month... (and the month of my birthday) I shall share an extremely miniature (one:three ratio) version of a Hughes banner that I made! I cried making this banner, The cemetary scene with Elysia asking Her mother "Why are they burying daddy!?" keeps playing over and over in my head! T_T I Just can't help but to cry. Im super tired! Well I hope you enjoy my awesome banner... thing!
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Omg it's july 1st... nothing special happens today.... so i can't say "congradulations, Hughes" or "Happy independance day!"... yet...
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Oh No!

I've forgotten about this community! (You thought I was gonna say Hughes huh? No way. I can never forget about Hughes.)
I'm glad people are actually IN this community, it makes me happy ^^
I'll change the background for everyone! I have a good background, but if you object tell meh and I'll change it.
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Happy Father's Day, Maes Hughes!

Happy Father's day Hughes we looove you! So it's Father's Day and Elicia (sp?) is probably crying her little eyes out right now (poor thing!)T_T I miiissss hiim! (god i need to see that episode again!) *goes to download episode*
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I just came by to see if any one has posted any thing new... no? well check out my icon it's the shizzle! i don't remember the episode number but it's one of the mini skirts in this picture:
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can you guess which one it is? BWAHAHAHAHA! ok whatever!
Oh i need to let this out before I explode (sorry if it offend-- actually, Im not sorry) ROY X HUGHES IS AN EVIL HORRIFYING VULGAR DISCUSTING EVIL EVIL EVIL YAOI PARING!......EVIL!!!!! *twitches* I want to see Roy get a wife. That was one of the last requests Hughes ever made T_T so I think that Roy should find one just for Hughes! *cries*
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